Once a cat starts to urinate in a particular place they tend to keep returning to that same spot. Thorough cleaning to remove rather than just to attempt to mask the smell is required to try and break the pattern of using that particular place.
Some cleaning products however make the situation worse because they contain ammonia (an ingredient of urine) – avoid products such as bleach which actually make the problem worse. Some household disinfectant products are dangerous to cats.
We recommend a simple solution of biological washing powder (the stuff you put in your washing machine) and warm water. The enzymes in biological washing powder break down the protein in the cats urine. Wash the affected area as thoroughly as you can, pat it dry and then allow to naturally dry. Keep your cat away from the area or item whilst it’s drying.
If the affected area is a floor area such as the corner of a room, and is not somewhere that you want to position a litter tray, once cleaned and dried try to block your cats access to that point – you could place a solid item of furniture there such as a cupboard, or if that is not practical such as in a hallway place a sheet of tin foil (cats don’t like walking on foil).
Make sure a litter tray is provided somewhere else, and that you have shown your cat where it is.
If your cat has urinated on items such as duvets and sofas, wash and clean them as best you can with biological washing powder solution, and then you will have to shut your cat out of that room for at least two weeks to attempt to break the pattern of returning there to urinate.
A happy cat again… A combination of thorough cleaning, reassurance and helping your cat feeling more relaxed through the use of a product such as Feliway will hopefully overcome a behavioural cause over a matter of weeks.
When a solution cannot be found
Despite everyone’s best efforts, sometimes the problem cannot be resolved and your cat cannot be made happy again.
The most common situations include when two or more cats in a household just cannot get on with each other, or where a cat is very upset by the arrival of a new baby and cannot get used to the new situation.
Sometimes it is better to find a new home for the unhappy cat where they will not have to endure the stress of being bullied by another cat or be so unhappy because of a noisy baby or boisterous toddler.If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.