Multi cat/pet homes

Rather like upsets that can occur between people living under one roof, cats sharing a home do have disagreements from time to time. A problem occurs if one cat becomes  consistently dominant and starts to bully another cat.   In this situation either cat may begin urinating inappropriately. See below for some suggested solutions to the problem.  

Multi cat homes and disputes between cats

We have found Feliway (see above) to be very helpful in these situations, making both cats feel more relaxed and less like to show aggression toward each other.

 Some people also find Bach Flower remedies to be very helpful.

Cats that have previously lived harmoniously together for years can be upset by situations such as:

A trip to the vet – whereby one cat returns smelling different

One cat being involved in a cat fight outdoors and returning home smelling different

The presence of an aggressive local cat can cause fighting between your own cats

In these situations the cats are almost viewing each other as strangers, but we have been able to help with reintroductions – sometimes by confining one cat to a ‘kitten pen’ (a wire mesh cat cage that has space for a bed, litter tray and food bowls) for a few days so that the cats can see each other and get used to each other but not actually get at each other. After a few days it has usually been possible to reintroduce them to each other without further problems.

We are happy to discuss and advise about individual cases.